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Instant Protection from

Get instant 100% Protection for your Website.

Get instant 100% Protection for your Website.

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Choose any of the following plans to get start with Free DDoS Protection. You can always change your plan from your account.



Free DDoS Protection
DDoS Protected Nameservers
Add any number of domains

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$ 49 /mo

Advanced DDoS Protection
Attack Statistics
Malware Scanning

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$ 99 /mo

Advanced DDoS Protection
Attack Statistics
Malware Scanning

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It's really easy to protect your website using CloudLayar.

DDoS Attack Protection

CloudLayar has been designed as a DDoS Attack Protection service with Advanced capabilities like Layer 7 and Layer 3/4 Protection.

Malware Scanning

Get Malware Scanning reports right inside CloudLayar control Panel and act on issues quickly

Protected DNS Servers

Use CloudLayar Nameservers to get complete DNS protection for your website

Attack Statistics

Get complete attack statistics to see which bots are targeting your website

Whitelist Management

Whitelist IPs that should be able to bypass our filters

Custom SSL Certificate

Upload your own SSL certificate to secure your website
Premium Feature

Join over 1,000+ domains that get
Bot Protection from CloudLayar

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Frequent Questions

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What is CloudLayar?

CloudLayar is a Website Proxy service which protects your website from malware, hackers, ddos attacks and more.

How does CloudLayar work?

CloudLayar works by passing all traffic going to your website via special filtering system which denies access to bots and ddos attacks and allows only legitimate traffic to reach your website.

How much does it cost?

The basic service is Free. It protects your domain only from DNS-based attacks. Additional service can be purchased.

Do I need to change my nameservers?

Yes, in order for CloudLayar to work you need to setup nameservers of your domain to those provided to you during CloudLayar activation.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

Yes, if we fail to protect your website from a large ddos we can refund your payment. Only in case we did not do what we could.

Is there any bandwidth limit?

No, we do not charge for any traffic or bandwidth consumption. All packages are fixed.